Another hat I made this week. Combining fabrics to use a pattern they'd love!

My heart is happy.

Prior to our trip this last week (which I will be posting about later with helpful products we use while traveling) I had a sale for a lady and the results made my heart happy. This lady was going to be having an ambulatory EEG, meaning she would be hooked up to the EEG but not staying in the hospital. She would actually be going to work while having the leads and wires hooked up to her. Can you imagine going to your work with all that going on? Wires, gauze, tape. All of it all over your head and having to walk into work like that. On top of that she works in a place where she sees people from the public. She isn't just in a cubicle somewhere with no face to face interactions. In fact she mentioned that she works with families, and children. She was excited to get a hat so that the families and children she works with wouldn't be scared to see her like that.
When I first started these hats, it was really for the patients, their loved ones and hopefully someday facilities also. To be able to make them more comfortable and be able to offer something to patients. But I see now that they can even touch those who do not have epilepsy. That they can make an impact outside of the epilepsy community. How amazing is that?! That those who need to have this important testing can still go out in the community and not feel so self-conscious about how they look. Plus have a way to also make it a little less scary for those out there that are not used to seeing people hooked up to all the wires.

I also made another hat this week, but needed a specific pattern for this person. So I tried out using a couple different fabrics together. Turned out pretty well!
While these hats of mine are still in some transition, I absolutely love helping those in the epilepsy community feel their best during testing. This is forever more my dream job.
Hope everyone had a great holiday week!
-Lisa 💜
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